Our Team

The idea started back in 2015 when Besir was in America and had the chance to work in a moving company. Back then, it was just thought of as a job to make some money in order to travel the United States, and come back to the US for a few summers. After returning to Macedonia and working in the family business for a while the need arose for Besir himself to be moved and was surprised to see that the moving companies back in Macedonia are levels and levels below the service which is offered in the US. 

Seeing this as an opportunity, DoraMoving was founded in 2019, back then with a different name (DoraHouseService) with the purpose of offering a streamlined moving service, which is safer, faster and smarter. 

Our approach



No matter the difficulties that come along the way, we will get the job done.



We strive to give accurate predictions to make your planning easier.

Protection and safety

We emphasize safety to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Nobody wants a moving project to last for days. 


We invest in tools and equipment to make the move as easy as possible.


We might be a young company, but we learned from the best and we try harder, so if you have any moving needs, please contact us, set your expectations high and be prepared for us to exceed them.