Frequently Asked Questions

What is the move going to cost?

In order to get a quote please send us pictures of your move at the number +389 70 596 030 or e-mail us at 

Do you hire contractors?

No. We have our own trained team and staff and we move your belongings ourself.

Do you move internationally?

Yes. Please contact us at +389 70 596 030 or send us an e-mail at:

Do you move pianos?

Yes, we move all kinds of pianos.

Do you move heavy items?

We move all kinds of heavy items, regardless of weight.

Do you offer transportation as a service?

Yes. Please contact us at +389 70 596 030 for more detailed information.

Do you offer storage/warehousing services?

Yes. We have our own warehouse where you can store your items or invetory.

When should I contact you for the move?

As soon as possible. Planning on time is the best way to make sure that no unpleasant surprises show up last minute.

What factors affect the price?
  • Size of the move,

  • The distance of the move

  • Accessibility for our trucks and vehicles,

  • From what floor to what floor – and whether or not there is an elevator,

  • Services chosen – only moving is cheaper then lets say, disassembling, assembling and packing the inventory.